Passionate and driven are two words  used to describe Veronica.  Believing that whatever you do, you should be a specialist, she holds a  Master of Education degree in Training & Development from North Carolina State University, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Administration from Shaw University.   Passionate about training because it challenges the mind and one's current state of being, she often states that training is a part of her DNA.   She believes everyone is born with a purpose. Unfortunately, there are many who never realize that purpose. She is a motivator who encourages individuals to pursue their dreams until those dreams become reality.   

On occasion, it takes someone else to help you see what you may not see in yourself. Veronica is known for her ability to ignite enthusiasm while motivating others who simply need additional direction, insight or that extra push toward accomplishing their goals.  Such keen insight allows her to empower both young and old to uncover hidden talent, discover additional abilities and develop the untapped potential within themselves.  She has been instrumental in assisting individuals, business, churches, and various groups in areas of personal, professional and leadership growth and development.   She looks forward to every opportunity to assist you in reaching your personal and professional goals.