Veronica is a talented and gifted speaker, trainer, and facilitator. She takes time initially to learn the desired outcomes. She then engages her audience by captivating and inspiring their confidence leaving participants motivated to become better. Her zeal and passion infectiously motivate you to ... as she puts it "Make LIFE Happen". 
Beverly W. - Raleigh, NC 

 An enthusiastic and extremely helpful professional, Ms. Burnette is always ready to collaborate to ensure optimal results with any project in which she is engaged. I had the pleasure of working with her and a team of training professionals to develop employability resources for transitioning populations. In this process, Ms. Burnette was able to draw from her vast experience and offered insight that would enable diverse populations to engage in transformative activities. Her skills allow her to move fluidly through program design and development, administration, facilitation, and evaluation of program services.
Candace R. - Durham, NC 

Ms. Burnette’s experience in the field of training and development has the ability to evolve when needed. Her interaction with clients is always with integrity and respect, providing safe spaces to exchange ideas. In addition to her solid foundation in training and development, she shares powerful lessons in creative thinking through her relationship building. Having the opportunity to work with Ms. Burnette, she administers programs that empower the participant.
  Shawn R.- Durham, N.C.

Veronica has the awesome ability to see and bring out the gifts and talents of others that they cannot see in themselves. I enjoy her enthusiastic down to earth approach to training mentoring and coaching. She truly listens to what you are saying and she knows just how to bring out the best in you.  She stretches you beyond what you thought you could ever do or accomplish so you can let your best light shine and grow into the person you are called to be. I have personally seen growth in myself and others over the past year of stretching while under her group mentorship and direction.
Lakeisha H. – Durham, NC